Text one ❈ get one

How can you enjoy your favorite Linksters location even more? How about with a text code that gives you a free drink! All you have to do is text your favorite Linksters location code to the phone number #51612 and you will receive a message with your 2-for-1 drink code once a week to your favorite location. So kick back, text and enjoy at your local location today!

Location Code                Linksters Location

Linksters1                           Linksters University Park

Linksters2                           South Sarasota

Linksters3                           Davenport

Linksters4                           Brandon

Linksters5                           Downtown Lakeland

Linksters6                           North Port

Linksters7                           Riverview

Linksters8                           Highland City

Linksters9                           New Tampa

Linksters10                         North Lakeland 98

Linksters11                          South Venice

Location Code                Linksters Family of Bars

Pub2                                  Legends

Pub3                                  Old Venice Pub

PWagon1                          Lakeland Paddy Wagon

Pwagon2                           Port Charlotte Paddy Wagon

Pwagon3                           Paddy Wagon Sarasota

Pwagon6                           Paddy Wagon SR64 Bradenton

Pwagon7                           Paddy Wagon Winter Haven

Pwagon8                           Paddy Wagon Plant City

Pwagon10                         Paddy Wagon Cortez Rd.

Pwagon11                          Paddy Wagon Orlando

Pwagon12                         Paddy Wagon Citrus Park

Pwagon14                         Paddy Wagon Cape Coral

Location Code                Central Tavern

Central273                      Central Tavern Winter Haven